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EDAR provides municipalities across North America with a high-tech, low-cost way to enhance their Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) programs. Outlined below are some examples of how EDAR easily integrates into a wide variety of testing programs.

EDAR On Road


This application rewards the cleanest vehicles on the road by saving motorists a trip to a testing station.

EDAR is installed in strategic locations around an Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) area to provide a fair and fast emissions-testing option to motorists that is accessible to diverse demographics throughout a city. Once EDAR detects a vehicle on-road and classifies it as clean, a letter is sent via mail or e-mail informing the motorist that their vehicle passed emissions testing. This application allows motorists to have a convenient alternative option to satisfy their emissions-testing requirements.

For information on our Nashville Express Screen Program, click here.

EDAR Survey


On-road testing is required in enhanced I/M areas and is an option for basic I/M areas. According to 40CFR §51.351 and §51.371, on-road emissions testing is not required on every vehicle or in every season. However, the requirement includes testing of at least 0.5% of the subject vehicle population, or 20,000 vehicles, whichever is less.

EDAR provides an attractive option for jurisdictions needing to observe the health of their fleet. HEAT offers an all-inclusive solution with a temporary deployment setup using a specially designed trailer or truss system.

57 FR 52987, Nov. 5, 1992, as amended at 65 FR 45535, July 24, 2000

High Emitter


EDAR identifies vehicles that may have malfunctioning, tampered or altered emissions- reduction components. High-emitter detection proactively identifies vehicles that need intervention to reduce their emissions. These programs are structured to assist jurisdictions with enhanced fleet monitoring.

Off Road Testing


Technical services contracts are mainly used to investigate emissions production from a variety of mobile sources. The testing protocols may include emissions testing and evaluation of various mobile sources, including a plethora of fuel types formulated for use with on-road vehicles or off-road engines, equipment or vehicles on an on-call basis. Testing, analysis, and modeling may be required.


Researched topics under a technical services contract may include the following:

  • What is the effect of an accelerated low-emission vehicle program on emissions in a metropolitan area?

  • What are the emissions benefits and technical viability of an accelerated program for installing NOx absorbers and particulate traps on heavy-duty diesel off-road vehicles and heavy-duty on-road vehicles?

  • What are the differences in emission models output between national default vehicle fleet characteristics, approximate local fleet characteristics, and dynamic local fleet characteristics?

Highly Movable for Ease of Deployment

HEAT uses a specially designed, highly moveable trailer mounting system for temporary deployments throughout North America. The trailer system is simply towed with a vehicle in a stowed position (meaning the mounting arm is folded down) to the testing location and is then quickly set up with the push of a button once at the testing location. 

When the trailer is fully deployed for data collection, the arm is approximately 5 meters (16ft) above the roadway, allowing for all types of vehicles to safely travel underneath the EDAR unit. The deployment of EDAR remote sensing units using the temporary configuration is unobtrusive and does not affect traffic flow or cause any  disruptions. The entire specially designed system captures emissions from vehicles exhibiting natural driving behavior. The temporary deployment system runs unmanned for an accurate and realistic dataset showing the health of the vehicle fleet in a real-world setting.

The short video below demonstrates the trailer deployment in a real-world scenario.

Customized Technology Solutions

In addition to performing data collection with EDAR, HEAT provides customized software solutions to its customers. The talented software engineers at HEAT expertly engineered secure portals for simple data retrieval for both government entities and motorists. Depending on the requirements of a program, HEAT can customize these data interfaces. HEAT respects and abides by all privacy regulations around the globe.

Furthermore, HEAT is a proud member of the US/EU/Swiss Privacy Shield Framework.

Interfaces for Testing Information to Educate the General Public

Generic Express Secreen iPad Screen.png
Iphone Express Screen General.png

Secure Data Portals for Governments

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