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Company Profile

Got Air?

We're laser focused on bringing you the best emissions testing solution on the market today.

Hager Environmental & Atmospheric Technologies, LLC was founded in 2009 to develop an advanced and unique technology aimed at revolutionizing the Vehicle Emission Testing Industry.  This technology, EDAR (Emissions Detection And Reporting), is an eye safe laser-based technology capable of remotely detecting and measuring the infrared absorption of environmentally critical gases coming out of a moving vehicle.  EDAR contains a multi-patented system of hardware and software, which allows for a multi spectral 3-Dimensional image of the entire exhaust plume of a moving vehicle.  Additionally, EDAR provides an increased sensitivity, in some cases of over 2,000%, and resolutions of a million times greater versus existing technologies in use today.

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EDAR is an advanced technology that is laser based to read various gases coming out of a moving vehicle in real time.  EDAR uses the DIAL method to detect and quantify gases such as but not limited to CO, CO2, NO, NO2, CH4, Total HC and PM2.5. The EDAR device is capable of reading emissions from vehicles on multilane highways and can measure exhaust temperature from vehicles as they drive by. These enhancements over the current remote sensing system, coupled with EDAR’s superior accuracy and reliability have driven the company into the forefront of emissions testing in the United States and internationally.

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EDAR was successfully introduced to the North American emissions industry at the I/M Solutions Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, in April 2014. EDAR is operational and has been successfully deployed commercially in California, Texas, Connecticut, Arizona, Tennessee, Illinois, Italy, France and the United Kingdom.

HEAT has recently been awarded a contract with Nashville for a 5-year program as well as Scotland for a large-scale trial. HEAT has been engaged in a number of projects and programs, which has demonstrated its superiority over other remote technologies used to read vehicle emissions from vehicles on the road. 

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For information on how you can have a live demo of EDAR performed for your state, please contact us.


J. Stewart Hager, PhD Molecular Physics, founded Hager Environmental.  Dr. Hager has over 25 years experience working with remote sensing technology.  He now works with a team of experienced engineers and technicians, which cumulatively represents over 80 years of professional experience.

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