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Our Portfolio

EDAR Deployments

EDAR is “much more accurate than current remote sensing systems”

-United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EDAR was successfully introduced to the North American emissions industry at the I/M Solutions Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, in April 2014.


EDAR has been successfully deployed commercially in:

  • California

  • Texas

  • Connecticut

  • Arizona

  • Tennessee 

  • London

  • Birmingham

  • Chicago

  • Scotland

  • Toronto

  • Italy

  • Paris

  • Nashville Express Screen

 HEAT has been engaged in a number of projects and programs, which has demonstrated its superiority over other remote technologies used to read vehicle emissions from vehicles on the road.  

Click here to view our studies and reports

“Our experience working with the HEAT staff was outstanding; they promptly answered questions and addressed our concerns. H.E.A.T. provided our office with a detailed schedule and met all aspects of their agreement, including data collection at various locations and report writing.”
- Applus Technologies, Connecticut Emissions Program Vendor