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Continuous monitoring with EDAR provides instantaneous results and an effective, fair solution to cities' Low Emission Zones (LEZ) and Clean Air Zones (CAZ), allowing them to intensify their efforts and evolve with accelerating times. 

Can You Visualize It?

A high-tech digital network of EDAR systems provides the following:

Precise, comprehensive and up-to-date data that is readily available to municipalities to help create proactive and effective policies that benefit the environment.

A fair way to govern and regulate based on Real Driving Emissions (RDE) instead of

laboratory standards through detecting vehicles on-road repeatedly to identify cleaner vehicles regardless of Euro Class.

Detection of vehicles' actual on-road emissions permits cities to accomplish air-quality goals fairly by allowing cleaner cars into city centers, while dirty vehicles are identified and removed from roadways.

The admittance of clean vehicles into LEZs without penalty will incentivize motorists to

maintain cleaner vehicles.

Real-time traffic data to aid in measures that alleviate congestion.

A proactive solution to identify fraud in real-time.

Valuable real-world data to perform fleet analyses reviewing traditional test performance to ensure program accountability and efficacy.

Information to track real-time positive changes and emissions reductions.

Access to NOx data, which is not available at this time, in testing stations throughout
Europe due to capabilities being relatively limited and cost-prohibitive.

Real-world data to help reduce air pollution and identify poor performance in the motor vehicle fleet.

Creating a fair and cost-effective network is essential to municipalities and their motorists when considering the objectives of an air-quality program. 

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