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EDAR Is Monitoring in Cities Throughout Europe

Transportation is one of the leading contributors to pollution around the world. Implementing technology such as  EDAR assists in creating effective policies based on actual real-world emissions data from in-use vehicles. This powerful tool identifies whether individual vehicles are emitting within the approved regulations in the real world, not just in lab tests. 

Additionally, a recent study in Belgium shows the EDAR system to be extremely effective in identifying heavy-duty trucks with defeat devices and malfunctioning Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. Ad-hoc detection rates of these trucks are below 10% without using EDAR. However, when using EDAR, the real-time detection rate rises to well over 86%.

The use of remote sensing to monitor vehicles entering Low Emission Zones and identifying high-emitting vehicles more proactively assists in creating the change the world needs to improve air quality proactively and swiftly. Read about some of HEAT's European remote-sensing case studies by clicking the buttons below.

LEZ Road Sign

Low Emission Zone Monitoring

Installing EDAR systems at entrances to a Congestion or Clean Air Zone that restricts access into certain areas of a city provides municipalities with a tool to continuously monitor and regulate the vehicles entering the city in real-time using actual emission levels. EDAR provides extra assurance to a city that each vehicle entering the designated zone complies with the specific characteristics or regulations of the geographical area chosen for restricted access. Since EDAR detects the actual emissions emitted from vehicles, Low Emission Zones are regulated more objectively by allowing vehicles into a restricted area based on actual emissions instead of Euro Standards or Classes.


Fraud Detection

Cities can use EDAR as a powerful tool to monitor and police their fleet while also collecting valuable data that can substantiate future policy decisions based on real-world emissions and factual information. 

Real-world data continually shows that fraud is still taking place on roadways. Implementing technology such as EDAR gives cities more control over the regulation and identification of defeat devices, disabled or malfunctioning SCR systems, and tampering.


Enhanced Programs

There are many ways cities can enhance their existing emissions-testing programs. The EDAR technology is highly versatile and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures to assist with Smart City development, dynamic tolling or overall monitoring of the fleet to document performance and efficiency within the fleet. 

State-of-the-Art Mounting System for European Deployments

HEAT's talented engineers designed and constructed a specialized truss-mounting system made specifically with European roadways in mind. The truss has a compact footprint that is unalarming to motorists and is easily deployed with the push of a button.

Truss Blueprint Figure for Marketing.jpe
EDAR Monitoring Around Europe.png

Images of EDAR deployed in various locations around Europe

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