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Hager Environmental & Atmospheric Technologies (HEAT) is a Delaware LLC, Small Business Administration (SBA), certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. HEAT’s proprietary Emission Detection and Reporting (EDAR) remote-sensing system was successfully introduced to the emissions-testing industry in 2014 and has subsequently been implemented in more than nine states and seven different countries.


Since 2014, HEAT has been responsible for providing cutting-edge, unparalleled emissions-testing services using Remote Sensing in jurisdictions worldwide. The HEAT team of expert engineers and project management specialists has over 100 years of combined experience. Their collective goal is to provide an enhanced network of EDAR systems by integrating them seamlessly into Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) programs. Furthermore, HEAT is deeply familiar with integrating remote sensing technology with existing databases, designing a customized customer experience as well as data analysis and reporting. 


Since 2014, the HEAT team has collected millions of on-road emissions records and created customized mounting solutions that include mobile mounting systems and permanent mounting systems that adapt to existing structures.

  • The HEAT team has deployed the EDAR system successfully in a multitude of scenarios including the following:

    • Temporary and permanent installations

    • Multi-lane and single-lane roadways

    • High-speed interstates on gantries and bridges


HEAT is responsible for complex integrations of the EDAR technology into testing schemes aimed at accurate detection of vehicles in a multitude of roadway settings and driving scenarios. EDAR is the first remote-sensing technology ever to be installed on high-speed interstates. The units run continuously in an unmanned, autonomous fashion since the EDAR system does not require calibration or human intervention for accurate detection. This autonomy makes the system ideal for a continuous monitoring network.


HEAT has extensive professional experience working directly with government entities around the world to implement EDAR as an overall part of a jurisdiction’s I/M enhanced program, including the operation of Express Screen programs. The EDAR system is a cost-effective, contactless and environmentally friendly method to obtain accurate real-world exhaust measurements for a large number of vehicles over a short period of time. Further, the EDAR setup is unobtrusive and does not disturb or interfere with natural driving behaviors. 

HEAT has completed several successful large-scale pilot programs, including programs in Scotland with the Scottish Government, a major fleet study in Paris with the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) -- which ICCT stated to be “the largest remote-sensing data sets collected in Europe to date”[1] -- and a major campaign in the Flanders region of Belgium. The Flanders dataset includes the largest set of the first and only heavy-duty trucks detected using Remote Sensing while traveling at 70mph on high-speed, multi-lane highways. 

HEAT has also been engaged in several projects and programs, demonstrating EDAR's superiority over alternative remote technologies used to detect emissions from vehicles on the road. The spatial resolution and unique spectroscopic principles EDAR uses for detection elevate it above the competition.



“Without prior experience from our part [the Flemish Gov’t], the organization of an ambitious measurement campaign collecting a very high amount of emission data in a short time interval at high- volume roads was deemed to be an enormous challenge. However, thanks to their professionalism and exceptionally result-oriented mindset. HEAT surpassed all our expectations and actually delivered significantly more than was initially promised.”


—  Government of Flanders

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