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EDAR is a full-service emissions testing solution useful in various industries across the globe

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Gas & Oil

Accurate real-time leak detection

Hager Environmental's EDAR remote sensing technology is a fundamental enhancement to existing leak detection devices that will noticeably improve real-time data for the oil and gas industry. EDAR has been validated in various environments, both real-world and laboratory, and the results have conclusively proven the accuracy and validity of EDAR's data.


EDAR is an unmanned system that remotely detects and quantifies virtually any molecule in a gaseous state with the highest accuracy, allowing for a reduction of time and effort to identify the location and composition of the leak.  The system itself is customizable and easily deployable in either a permanent or temporary setting for continuous remote detection of leaks without calibration. The engineering approach implicit in the EDAR technology is a quantum jump in leak detection.

For more information on the Gas & Oil application Click Here.

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Shipping Ports

Detection at the source is now possible

EDAR can detect and quantify pollutants from ships docked at a port or entering into the harbor. Identifying the amounts of NOx, SO2, and PM from ships significantly impacts emission reduction goals by recognizing any offending ships with a quantifiable measurement and image of the plume emitted by the vessel. Identifying offending ships enables port officials to effectively enforce port regulations and ensure compliance while at the same time testing the efficacy of any new fuels or technologies implemented over time. EDAR also allows for a digital record to keep track of commercial harbor craft, fishing vessels, and various other ships in the port. 

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Private Industry

Versatility is at the heart of EDAR's design

The beauty of EDAR's unique adaptability is just one of the many aspects that makes EDAR the premiere option for gas or leak detection, whether it be on a manufacturing line, vehicle testbed, or at an airport.

EDAR can detect virtually any molecule in a gaseous state.  Click here to view the HITRAN Spectroscopy Database to see examples of gases EDAR can measure.

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The Possibilities are Endless

You dream it, we create it!

EDAR can be adapted to operate in various environments and applications.

Reach out to us if you would like to collaborate.

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