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Abu Dhabi

HEAT rang in 2023 by embarking on a groundbreaking endeavor to introduce remote sensing in Abu Dhabi, UAE, for the first time in the Middle East. In conjunction with The Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD), the HEAT team measured the level of emissions from Abu Dhabi’s transport sector in six locations over two weeks in the latter part of January/early February.


Using its patented NASA Spinoff remote-sensing system, EDAR detected and quantified on-road emissions measurements with laser-based overhead detectors in real-time. For the first time ever in the UAE, this revolutionary technology was used to process collected data and work with relevant authorities to match remote-sensing information with the emirate’s vehicle-registration databases.



6 Locations

The EDAR remote-sensing system obtained more than 100,000 records over the

two-week period in the UAE. This video shows a location on The Corniche in Abu Dhabi.

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