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Created by HEAT ©2017

Benefits of EDAR

Validity       Accuracy      Clean Air

Maintain and Improve a Clean Environment: Real world, on-road results where monitoring and screening of the vehicle fleet can be performed each day; therefore, quickly and efficiently identifying anomalies, high emitters and defeat devices while encouraging positive change within the fleet.


Maximizes Air Quality Benefits: Highest accuracy measurement of CO, CO2, NO, NO2, Total HC and PM2.5 of all light and heavy-duty vehicles burning both diesel and gasoline under normal driving conditions.


Positive Environmental Impact: Knowing what is coming out of the tailpipe is the most accurate and fair way to implement and enforce policies all while positively maintaining a clean environment.


Cost Reduction: EDAR is a cost-efficient method of screening thousands of cars daily.


Reduction of Fraud: EDAR has no on-site human intervention, occupies a small footprint, and typically goes unnoticed by most motorists while having the ability to collect accurate data in real-time. EDAR can also give governments the ability to characterize, monitor and police their entire fleet while also ensuring that car manufacturers are in compliance with standards.


Minimizes Motorist Inconvenience: The unobtrusive system sits on a pole without inconveniencing or alarming motorists while allowing for real world driving conditions.


Proven and Tested: The EDAR unit has been repeatedly tested and validated in both real world and laboratory settings producing outstanding results that are comparable to in situ devices. A recent blind evaluation by the US EPA shows EDAR’s accuracy to be R2 0.996 for CO, 0.998 for NO; 0.983 for CH4; and, 0.996 for C3H8. (An “r squared” of one means perfect fit and an "r squared" of zero means no fit)