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EDAR: The "It" Technology for the "It" City

How the EDAR Express Screen Program Works

  • Motorists will have the opportunity to have their vehicle emissions tested as they drive down the road! 

    • This program eliminates the requirement for all vehicles to be tested at brick-and-mortar stations. Instead, a certain percentage of the population will be able to opt-in for Express Screen.

  • HEAT is installing Emission Detection and Reporting (EDAR) devices in carefully selected locations throughout the Nashville area, encompassing a broad spectrum of geographic and socioeconomic areas to fairly allow anyone in the Metro Nashville area to participate in this program. 

  • Vehicle owners can conveniently access a list of EDAR locations via the Express Screen TN - EDAR Nashville website to identify the most convenient location and then drive underneath an EDAR unit during their normal driving routine.

  • When a vehicle has been detected by EDAR as clean, or passing, within a specific time period before a vehicle's registration expires, the vehicle owner is notified that their vehicle is clean and they are not required to have a traditional smog test performed that year.

  • Once a motorist receives an Express Screen passing notification, they may  renew their registrations online, opting to participate in the program instead of traditional testing.

Express Screen significantly increases motorist convenience, while at the same time giving Nashville a hassle-free way to stay in compliance with EPA air-quality requirements.

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