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As Seen On Road

On the @heatrsd social media channels we are featuring a new series called As Seen On Road which highlights actual real-world emissions measurements detected by the Emission Detection and Reporting (#EDAR) system.

On day one we featured #Volkswagen, #Vauxhall, and #Volvo. Which vehicle do you think on average pollutes the least when it was measured on road by EDAR?

Take your best guess, then watch the video in the tweet below to see if you are correct.

Were you surprised?

Ready for another one?!

On day two we featured #Mercedes, #BMW, and #Audi. Take a guess - who do you think is the cleanest?

Are you two for two or are the results not what you expected?

On day three the featured manufacturers were #Nissan, #Kia, and #Mazda. Watch the tweet below to find out who is the cleanest.

Day four we featured some luxury brands: #Audi, #BMW, and #LandRover. Who do you think stood out?

On day five we featured some cars from France and Italy. Who do you think is the cleanest? #Renault, #Peugeot, or #Fiat

To keep participating in our As Seen On Road series, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to see the latest posts. Share the posts and play along with your followers. The cars you think are clean may surprise you!

Learn more about EDAR and its capabilities at


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