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HEAT Awarded 3-year Remote Sensing Pilot Contract in Arizona

HEAT is one of two contractors selected by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) for a 3-year contract to operate remote vehicle inspection pilot programs. This pilot will evaluate advanced solutions that should provide convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to the motorist.

Approximately 1.6 million vehicles are inspected yearly as a part of the Arizona inspection and maintenance program. Emissions detection and reporting data will be utilized to craft vehicle emissions and remote sensing policies for the state of Arizona.

Yolla Hager, President at HEAT, said, "We are very excited to continue our partnership with ADEQ. We are also looking forward to helping the state of Arizona lead the way by implementing a cutting edge, advanced inspection and maintenance program that is cost-effective and convenient for the motorists and the state."

ADEQ Director Misael Cabrera said, "We are excited to work with our vendors to explore technologies that, if approved by EPA, could dramatically increase convenience for motorists in the long-term."


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