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HEAT's Top 5 Core Values that Deliver Beyond Expectation

Since 2009, HEAT’s mission is to be a world-class environmental remote sensing company that provides revolutionary solutions resulting in less cost, less hassle, and less pollution. Our vision is to make global contributions with innovative technologies that inspire humankind to create a cleaner and healthier planet.

As a company, our Top 5 Core Values are:

  1. Quality

  2. Environment

  3. Inspiration

  4. Drive

  5. Innovation

Let's dive into a little more detail on what each of these mean.


Our expert engineers designed the Emissions Detection and Reporting (EDAR) unit, and all of its system components, with the highest quality materials. The HEAT team produces a system that is robust, accurate, and consistently provides quality data. In our mind, providing cities with excellent and reliable data assists in the development of pollution mitigation plans that produce more impactful results overall. Cities should be using valuable data to make crucial determinations when creating effective policies that enhance pollution reductions.


As a company, we care greatly about the state of our planet and improving it for future generations. Our technology was designed with the planet in mind and how we can do our part to make a positive impact. The EDAR system has a small footprint, uses minimal power, and proactively identifies vehicles that excessively emit exhaust pollutants. We only get one planet - let's take care of it.


We aim to inspire future engineers to follow their dreams and create great products that make a difference. Like many other groundbreaking technologies, EDAR was developed in a garage and has risen to great heights detecting vehicle emissions around the world. EDAR's inventor took a vision he had while working on space satellites at NASA and adapted those same principles to work on Earth. This is one of the main reasons EDAR does not require calibration. NASA cannot send an astronaut into space to calibrate satellites detecting Earth's atmospheric gases - so, the technology is designed in such a way that it is highly stable and reliable. EDAR was developed with the same outcome in mind. As a company, we hope our technology will show future generations to use their talents and think big!


We strive to deliver the best remote sensing product on the market today. Through hard work, determination, honesty, and clear communication, the HEAT team has driven the EDAR technology to the forefront of emissions detection technology.


The EDAR technology itself was born out of innovation and a goal to create a product that would change the trajectory of the emissions testing industry. To this day, we continue to innovate to forge outcomes for our customers that exceed expectations. Not every project is the same. There are always unique variables to overcome, and sometimes projects require innovation and creative engineering to realize a customized solution. We support our customers by developing unique solutions that suit each individual need.


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