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T&E: "London and Paris pioneer real-world emissions data"

"A solution to the long-standing confusion over how much pollution cars really emit is being pioneered by the cities of London and Paris."

Transport & Environment (T&E), a highly respected environmental coalition that represents 53 organisations from 26 countries across Europe published a press release about the importance of real-world emissions data and the efforts that London and Paris are making to obtain a true picture of the performance of the vehicles on the road in their cities. EDAR will take part in this initiative in Paris by deploying the EDAR system to obtain over 110,000 valid emissions records.

"T&E clean vehicles director Greg Archer said: ‘Real-world testing can provide consumers with reliable information about both fuel economy and polluting emissions, as T&E’s work with Peugeot-Citroën has shown. Remote sensing provides an innovative and hopefully effective way of detecting the most polluting vehicles on the road.’"

To read the entire article, please, click here.


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