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Yolla Hager Presents EDAR as a Solution to UK Parliament

Hager Environmental & Atmospheric Technologies (HEAT) was recently invited to present about EDAR to United Kingdom Parliament at the House of Commons. It was such a huge honor to be given the opportunity to present our solution to the UK government. President of HEAT, Yolla Hager, presented on how EDAR can provide a solution for monitoring real world driving emissions which can in turn help improve air quality in London. The issue of air quality in London can no longer be ignored. It is a visible threat that is killing tens of thousands each year prematurely.

Vehicles are becoming smarter and cleaner everyday, therefore a technology such as EDAR is a necessity to capture extremely accurate real world on road emissions and driving habits of motorists in their natural environment. It is also extremely important to collect real world data to combat devices much like Volkswagen’s defeat device.

Yolla Hager presented on how EDAR’s sophisticated and advanced technology works and how it could be implemented in tandem with the Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ). New London Mayor, Sadiq Kahn, is dedicated to solving the London air pollution crisis and we believe that the implementation of EDAR can assist with his goals.

We would like to thank UK Parliament for allowing us to present and for taking the time to attend our presentation. It was an incredible honor to be given the opportunity.

Left to Right: Geraint Davies, MP; Alan Brown, MP; Michelle Thomson, MP; Dr. John Stewart Hager


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