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Yolla Hager, President of HEAT, to Testify before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Yolla Hager, President of Hager Environmental and Atmospheric Technologies, will testify before the Environmental Protection Agency in Sacramento on Monday, February 2 and offer a solution to the issue of how to reduce the ground-level ozone requirements without imposing a heavy burden on the economy.

Hager Environmental was founded in 2009 to develop an advanced and unique technology aimed at revolutionizing the Vehicle Emission Testing Industry. It can remotely detect, read, and analyze exhaust coming from virtually any moving vehicle with astounding accuracy. Hager Environmental stands alone as the most technologically sophisticated provider of remote sensing equipment that can help states meet new EPA standards with less cost, less hassle, and less pollution by offering them the ability to find their heavily polluting vehicles so those vehicles can be fixed and the air improved.

Vehicles are one of the leading causes of ground ozone and while the newer vehicles are cleaner, their emissions levels will change in a relatively short period of time. More emissions testing will find polluting vehicles and lower the levels of ground ozone. The benefits of improving ground ozone are numerous. By the EPA’s own studies, the U.S. can save as many as 12,000 lives per year, prevent thousands of heart attacks, and tens of thousands of asthma attacks with lower ground-level ozone standards.

At the 2014 Climate Summit, President Obama said he had confidence “in the ability of the technological entrepreneurs and scientific innovators to lead the way.” Hager Environmental is one of the technological entrepreneurs positioned to answer the President’s call.

Dr. J. Stewart Hager, a PhD Molecular Physicist, developed technology, known as EDAR, an acronym for Emissions Detecting and Reporting. It is an eye-safe laser-based technology capable of remotely detecting and measuring the infrared absorption of environmentally critical gases coming out of a moving vehicle. Prior to founding Hager Environmental, Dr. Hager worked with NASA Langley on the ASCENDS satellite which will soon be orbiting the earth and measuring the earth’s CO2 emissions. The EDAR technology contains a multi-patented system of hardware and software, which allows for hyper spectral 3-dimensional images of the entire exhaust plume of a moving vehicle. Additionally, EDAR has the ability to accurately detect the levels of Carbon Monoxide, Nitric Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, and Hydro Carbons being emitted from a moving vehicle in a natural driving environment and does this remotely without hassling the motorists. It provides an increased sensitivity, in some cases of over 2,000%, over technologies in use today.

The technology, developed by Hager Environmental, allows states to improve their ground-level ozone pollution levels. It is able to analyze the emissions of polluting vehicles, low emission vehicles, and clean cars. This technology can help states work toward meeting a lower EPA ground ozone level standard and reduce cost, time requirements, and frustration for motorists.

Feb. 2:

Sacramento, Calif.

California Air Resources Board

Byron Sher Auditorium

1001 “I” Street

Sacramento, CA 95814


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