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Evaluation of real-world vehicle emissions in Abu Dhabi

Rohit Nepali, Yoann Bernard, and Kaylin Lee

Assessment of real-world vehicle emissions in Scotland in 2021

Kaylin Lee (ICCT), Yoann Bernard (ICCT), Dr. Jonathan Cooper (Element Energy)

Remote Sensing of Real-World Vehicle Emissions from Abu Dhabi

Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi

Policy assessment using real-world emissions data from vehicles in Scottish cities

Kaylin Lee, Yoann Bernard

Analysis of the 2019 Flemish remote sensing campaign

EU Workshop on Remote Sensing

EU Brochure

EU Parliament Presentation 2017

JRC Technical Report 2019 (EDAR is Labeled as "RSD 2")

Laser focused on a cleaner tomorrow

ICCT Paris Report

On-road motor vehicle emissions in Paris

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