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Created by HEAT ©2017

Continuous Monitoring can Provide: Validity, Clean Air , and Positive Change

EDAR made its European debut in early 2015 performing a month long deployment in Birmingham and London with the Department for Transport, Kings College, and the University of Leeds. Since EDAR's exciting reception, HEAT has been invited back to the UK to complete a month long pilot program in Scotland (the report can be found at this link) as well as a deployment in Paris.

EDAR Can Help Create Clean and Valid Low Emission Zones:

EDAR Provides real world, on-road results where monitoring and screening can be performed each day as vehicles enter LEZs or Congestion Zones, therefore quickly and efficiently identifying anomalies and defeat devices while encouraging positive change within the fleet.

EDAR  is an important enhancement to environmentally conscious cities by allowing an accurate and fair way to implement and enforce policy. In addition, we believe that continuous monitoring and screening will provide a positive environmental improvement while saving lives and reducing the overall economic health impact in a short period of time.


EDAR is the most advanced technology on the market that will enable municipalities to bring validity to their clean air programs by providing unprecedented real world driving data. Furthermore, the utilization of EDAR will ensure positive reinforcement and accountability for the car manufacturers therefore restoring public trust.